PLAYAUTOMA Explore World – Fun Educational, Jigsaw World Map Floor Puzzle, Interactive Augmented Reality Learning Games for Kids 6-99 Years

Product Description

World Map
World Map

Playautoma Explore World – Augmented Reality Based World Map Learning Game

Innovative World Map Educational Game which combines the hands on learning with the magic of Augmented Reality and makes learning fun.
Explore the world and learn about countries and flags, monuments, wild life, continents and oceans with 3D visual effects and hundreds of fun filled facts. This smart tech toy sparks imagination and fosters creativity. It encourages children to discover more and more about our planet.
Assemble a 19.6″ x 12.3″ world map jigsaw puzzle and make the map go live with AR.
Several quiz trivia questions built in the app also rewards the player with ‘Explorer badges’ after each successful answer thus ensuring active play and learning.
Playautoma Explore World is a new-age, fun-based educational toy. It engages your child constructively and encourage self-directed play, critical thinking, and problem solving.
We understand the current need of building a balance between physical and digital modes of learning. This innovative learning game is thus a great way to engage kids in a constructive, functional, and exploratory play. Playautoma Explore World also makes a perfect gift for kids on all occasions

World Map

PLAYAUTOMA Explore World

Embark on a joyful Augmented Reality powered learning adventure around the world.

Fun Learning

Interactive Experience

Redefine your playstyle with the magic of Augmented Reality.

Fun Learning

Multiple Categories

Explore and learn about your world, its continents, monuments, and countries.

Multiple modes of play

Wildlife with AR

Bring wildlife to your playroom

1 Learning through play
2 Enjoy the magic of AR
3 Multiple modes of play
4 Explore Wild life

Why PLAYAUTOMA Explore World

world map explore
world map explore

Endless Fun

Explore with Augmented Reality. Choose your travel theme from – Animal Safari, Monuments, Continents and Oceans, Countries and Flags.

Multiple modes of play
Multiple modes of play

Innovative Smart Tech Toy

With hands on learning and active screen time, Playautoma Explore World enhances the traditional methods of play with digital engagements.

Multiple modes of play
Multiple modes of play

A Rewarding Experience

Interactive quiz sections challenge players to earn explorer badges and earn rewards. Learn while playing.

world map
world map

Puzzles and Activities

Our Puzzles and activities are a great way to secure a happy ‘family hour’ and indulge in an active play together.

Explore the world with the magic of Augmented Reality. Bring life to your physical world maps with 3D effects of Augmented Reality. Play multiple augmented reality missions on the physical maps. Download free app on ios and android devices.
48 pieces colorful World Map Jigsaw Floor Puzzle – 19.6″ x 12.3″. High quality jigsaw pieces which fits well.
Content of the Box – 48 jigsaw pieces, 3 different styled colorful world maps for augmented reality games, Colored detailed Instruction Booklet. Tablet not included. APP COMPATIBILITY – Works on ios and Android phones and tablets with minimum 2GB RAM. ipad 3 and above. ipad mini 2 and above. iphones 6 and above. Android 4.4 and above. Download free app on ios and android devices.
Hi-Tech Educational Toy for Children which helps in building knowledge of the planet we live on . Merges the Physical world maps with the power of Augmented Reality apps to create hours of Fun & Learn engagement for Children. Exploratory Learning with Interactive Quizzing. Enhance Play with Visual Effects.