PLUSPOINT My First Alphabet Train ABC Letters Learning Toy Train Blocks and Bricks for Toddlers, Fun Kids’ Educational Building Toy, New 2020 (75 Pieces)

With the PLUSPOINT Alphabet Train, preschoolers can combine creative building, imaginative play and learning the alphabet.
It’s the ultimate playful learning toy for toddlers!
They’ll improve their fine motor skills as they stack the letter bricks onto the back of the train.
When they role-play imaginative adventures with the boy, girl and bear, they develop their visual-spatial awareness.
The 75 letter bricks provide lots of opportunities to become familiar with the letters of the alphabet and improve language skills.
As parents and caregivers join in the fun, they share precious developmental milestones with their little builder.
PLUSPOINT playsets put open-ended play, self-expression and learning into toddlers’ hands.
They’re designed to be the best toys for preschoolers’ needs – so little hands can’t wait to get hold of the toddler-friendly bricks and start building!
GET CREATIVE: This series of soft blocks have a versatile design that can be used individually or attached, allowing kids the ability to create tunnels, stuffed animal houses, forts, or even castles. The only limitation for fun is a child’s imagination. This block set gives your child the start that they need to promote innovation, imagination, self-confidence, and accomplishment.
SOFT – SAFE – SMOOTH FUN DESIGN: Providing safe tools for early childhood education is just as important to PLUSPOINT as it is to parents, teachers, and child care providers! These blocks have been designed with a focus on recreational safety for all children and babies older than 3 months. The unique design incorporates safe, food-grade materials that are antiseptic, anti-bacterial, non-toxic, and BPA-free. As well as materials that are soft and squishy to the touch, yet easy to clean.
VERSATILE USE: These blocks are ideal for use in the home, at pre-schools, day care facilities, and learning centers. The anti-bacterial and antiseptic materials make these blocks safe to be used by multiple children, without the worry of passing around harmful germs. They are also easy to clean and disinfect, without the need for harsh chemicals and soaps. Blocks can be enjoyed by infants, toddlers, and youth of almost all ages, giving you the versatility that you desire.
GROW WITH PLUSPOINT: We Bring safe products that can be enjoyed by families, and incorporated into any learning environment. Our goal is to provide safe, educational tools in the form of fun toys that inspire learning and growth through playful experience. By encouraging and stimulating mental, physical, and creative development, we start children on a path toward becoming healthy adults, functional team players, out-of-the-box thinkers, and educated individuals.