Pola Puzzles Jungle Party 60 Pieces Tiling Puzzles (Jigsaw Puzzles, Puzzles for Kids, Floor Puzzles), Puzzles for Kids Age 5 Years and Above. Size: 37 cm X 24 cm

Product Description

Pola Puzzles Jigsaw PuzzlesPola Puzzles Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw Puzzles Jungle PartyJigsaw Puzzles Jungle Party

Pola Puzzles Jungle Party

Jigsaw Puzzle

Jungle Party Puzzle will acquaint your child with the splendid and largest mammoth Elephants, with

the long necked and short body Giraffes, Majestic and roaring Lions, Jumping and scratching

Monkeys, One horned and thick skinned Rhinos, Black teddy like Bears and Clumsy Big Crocodiles.

You will also spot snakes on your way and may come across the appealing black spotted Leopards.

Why Theme Puzzles?

Creatures of the animal kingdom in a way like never before. These beautifully engineered unique

pieces of puzzle can engage the senses of kids not just visually but also mentally. Get them

acquainted to popular animals by engaging in a mind-blowing and awesome game of POLA.

The Puzzle comes in a set of 3 exciting themes: Jungle World, Jungle Party and Jungle Safari. These

are apt for 5+ Yrs kids.

Why Puzzles?

Puzzles can be your opportunity to spend some fun time with your kids as they learn and understand

new words. A game of Puzzle can help you bond with your kid not just emotionally but also

intellectually. Regular games of puzzle can facilitate a complete growth of your child.

Puzzles can be a great educational toy and learning aid for kids

Solving puzzles can improve the hand eye coordination of your kids and improve their math abilities

Solving Puzzles may help them improve their focus and concentration as they put the pieces together

Puzzles may also help stimulate their creative side with beautifully coloured unique pieces

Engage your kids in a game of solving puzzle and train their brain to be sharp

Help them build on their motor skills, cognitive skills, memory and patience

Playing Puzzles can give a conscious rest,

letting the mind ramble among the mess of pieces to find the perfect match

Puzzles can also be a considered as a form of meditation as one satiates the urge to put the missing pieces together to finally arrive at a complete solution, POLA Jungle Party is Floor Puzzle/ Jigsaw Puzzle for Kids aged 5 yrs and above. Made with premium hardboard materials, these puzzles are child safe and friendly. The Puzzle is of Size: 37 cm x 24 cm

POLA Puzzles Jungle Party Jigsaw Puzzle


5+ Years


Premium Hard Board


24cm X 37 cm

For Kids & Adults


Number of Pieces

60 Pieces


Jungle Party

Size: 37 CM X 24 CM, Puzzles are made with Premium Hardboard Material,
Puzzles help to develop Hand-Eye Coordination, Gross Motor Skills, Fine Motor Skills, Cognitive skills, Shape recognition, Memory, Problem-solving, Setting goals, Patience.
By doing puzzles it exercises concentration, attention, patience, analysis, planning, memory, aesthetics, and much more. They also give a conscious rest letting the mind rambling among the mess of pieces and suddenly finding a match.
Solving Puzzles can be even seen as a form of meditation as analyzing a puzzle and pondering solutions stimulates and at the same time relaxes the brain.