Quick Dry Sheet Printed Medium (Numbers 123, Peach) Waterproof Baby Bed Protector – Highly Absorbent Play Mat for Babies (100 * 70 cm)

Quick Dry baby changing mat is breathable, reusable and washable with an “OEKO Tex Standard Certification” whose waterproof membrane ensures zero seepage, thus protecting the mattresses without compromising on the babies comfort with zero crinkly sounds ensuring the babies soothing sleep. Quick Dry protects against dust mites, bacteria and allergens and is the best solution for the un-hygienic, non-absorbent rubber sheets that causes heat, rashes and perspiration
Key Features : Bed Wetting Protection, Absorbent Sheet, Anti Bacterial, Soft Fabric
Reusable and washable more than 70 times
Ideal For: Girls & Boys Both
Waterproof breathable dry sheet with ultra absorbance