RC. ROYAL CLASS Women’s Calf Length Towel Thick Woolen Thumb Multicolored Socks (Pack of 3 Pairs)

Color- Skin,fawn, black
Plain solid fold socks pack of 3 pairs thumb socks
Made from Wool & spandex for elasticity. One of most thick and warm socks available in the market. Made from acylic wool which keeps your feet soft and warm in winters, and sweat free in summers.
Made from Softest Wool and Spandex for Stretch. Crafted from a lightweight, resistant fabric, these cute thick socks boast a soft touch and great comfort throughout the day. Being an everyday essential, these socks are super durable and engineered to stay perfectly on your feet.
Admired for their flexibility, durability and colorful prints, these female comfy socks will shine over warm or cold weather. Their particular design improves blood circulation and helps in preventing swollen ankles and tired legs. Delicate to the touch with an exceptionally smooth finish will make you feel luxurious