REAVIAN Baby Shape Sorter Toys Set 16 PCs Colorful Plastic Block Building Blocks for 1 Year Old Kids

Educational Activity Toys with 16 Building Blocks for Kids Open a bucket of fun for your little one with Baby’s First Blocks. Help kids learn through practice, inspire the children to accurately understand the shape and quantity and then exercise the flexibility of the muscles. sorter bucket babies and toddlers can easily sort, stack and learn to identify and match shapes. Babies will exercise their problem-solving skills as they figure out how to sort & drop the blocks in the correct spots. As little ones learn how to sort the shapes on their own and practice filling ( & spilling) over and over, their confidence and sense of independence are strengthened. Baby can store blocks inside the bucket so that the child acquires good tidy habits after the playtime is over. DEVELOPS COLOR RECOGNITION AND PROBLEM SOLVING ABILITY Bright colour and unique shape design attract kids to play with it; Promotes baby’s ability of colour and shape recognition and problem-solving skills; Improve hand-eye coordination and thus the motor skills of your child. Your Baby will have fun stacking these amazing blocks, Grouping Blocks into Colors and Shapes, Learning the Alphabet. ​ All the building bricks fit in the bucket for easy storage; sensory toddler and baby learning toy to help children learn as they grow. HELPS TO KNOW ABOUT DIFFERENT ALPHABETS The Shape Sorting Bucket and block pieces have been specially designed to feel smooth and appealing to young children. The shape-sorting lid features eight different shapes that help build early identification skills. Includes 16 bright and colorful blocks. 2 of each circle, star, triangle, square, letters A, B, C, D. Each in different colors. Once all the blocks are in the bucket, the lid can be easily removed to tip out all the shapes and start again.
EARLY LEARNING: This shape sorting box is sure to engage children! Each shape is designed to fit through its matching shape hole on the container.
BRIGHT COLORS: Toys designed with bright kid friendly colors. Help your child learn the name of each color and differentiate between them.
CLASSIC ACTIVITY: Improve babies ability of observation, memory, imagination and thinking! Playing with these shapes will stimulate your senses.
SAFE & DURABLE: You may be sure that our obletter toy is designed with super durable top-quality material. Never worry when your child is playing!