Remixmart LCD Scratch/Scribble/Note/Drawing Pad, Boogie Board with 1 Button Erase, Very Long Battery, 8 Inches Writing Space (Black)

Ruff pad scratch pad boogie board drawing pad and books, memo pad Light and easy to carry and can be recycled. It’s only 4.5mm thin, so you can easily carry it in your schoolbag,office bag etc. Avoid Usage under: (i) Usage during High and Low tempretaure (ii) Strong light (iii) Water (iv) contact with sharp objects (v) contact with sticky surface (vi) Dropping of the product from height (vii) Pressure sensitive LCD Screen, No pressure should be applied Also, the product to be cleaned with soft cloth.
can be used as a ruff pad or note pad or memo pad or digital drawing book for children aged 2 to age 10. parents can give dictation, mathematical sums, drawings, cursive writing, and other activities to their kids and save paper and trees. apart from that it is more fun to attract your kids do all these stuffs
this ruff book or digital pad can be used by youngsters to make their time table, prepare for exams, work as maths ruff copy, solve questions or if you are in drawing then take your imagination to a higher level.
for adults it can be used as a digital memo pad for office going and business person and can be used as a note pad and would help you to plan for the day as a daily digital planner, apart from that it would help you in your office and business by noting important info
lastly if you are old and forget things you may remember by writing and you would not forget