RMZ City Car 1:64 Scale Scania Castrol Tanker, White

RMZ presents die cast Scania – Castrol Tanker Toy for kids. This die cast line brilliantly bridges the gap between collectables and toys. These sculpted licensed vehicles have the remarkable detail that will astonish any die cast collector, while still managing to incorporate the free wheeling play value of a children toys. This vehicle is made of high quality die-cast metal as well as plastic parts, and is a fantastically detailed scaled replica of the licensed tanker. The tanker is a great collector’s item because of its authentic design and fine detailing. Also, an ideal gift for kids 3 years or older.

Scale: 1:64
Licensed Vehicle
Die-cast metal with plastic parts
Made from durable and non-toxic material
Authentic design
Fantastically detailed scaled replica of the licensed tanker