Royals Hub® Transparent Bus Concept Musical Bus, 3D Bus Toy with 360 Degree Rotation, Bump & Go Gear Transparent Bus Toy with Light & Sound Effects Educational Toys for Kids

♫Transparent Toy Car with Sound effect ♫

Multifunctional- Electric universal driving, colorful lighting, mechanical simulation gear
system, nice sound effects.
Unique Design – Transparent design, one can see the gear inside, helps the kids to
know mechanical concept.
Gear driving effect.
The concept car will automatically turn and roll in another direction if it bumps into a
wall, table or another object in its path.
This concept car is fully functional and the car can be moved forward, backward, turn
left & turn right; it works best on the flat surface and can be played indoors or

♫2.Gear Driving Effect♫
Increases children’s observation ability
Increase children’s cognitive ability.
The convenient design of the product makes it look very real.

The car is made from High-Quality ABS plastic that would not break easily and the toy
would last long and the car is made from safe material that would not harm the
environment if in case the toy is disposed off in the junk.
The car is made from non-toxic material that will not harm the health of the kid if in
case the child takes toy in the mouth.

♫4.Entertaining Toy Helps in Learning♫
This toy can be a great source of enjoyment for your kids for many hours at the touch
of a single switch, the fun will never stop!
It can be a super cool gift for kids to develops creativity and imagination, Stimulates
hand eye co-ordination, memory building, motor skills, color and shape recognition,
curiosity building, sensory development and brain development.

▲ Free steering for universal driving: universal wheels are installed at the bottom of the vehicle, and obstacles will change the direction of travel during driving.
▲ Preferred material: It is composed of carefully selected environmentally friendly materials, non-toxic and tasteless, tough and anti-falling, safe and durable, reliable, safe quality, mothers can rest assured, suitable for playing in a variety of scenes.
▲ 360° rotation: After the vehicle has traveled a certain distance, it will raise the bracket and start to rotate.
▲ The light flashing is fun and interesting: there are many luminous points on the body, and the colorful light bulb is built in, and the light flashes to change colors.