RVA Kitty Shape Baby Supporting Seat Soft Plush Cushion and Chair for Kids/Baby – Pink Color


Vikas Toys Presents you with wide Variety of Kids Soft Toys which include the special range of Plush Rides and chairs for your young ones. Fashionable Cute & Animals Designed in different shapes and sizes. High quality Baby Chair, helps Stabilize your Baby’s back, while they Learn to sit up. super soft plush toy seat is also the most comfortable, relaxing Lightweight and portable easily provides your baby a safe place to sit in any room of the house. Suitable for more than four months baby. Safely wraps your baby in plush comfort as she observes her surroundings. It is a delightful gift can be given by you for your loved one. Attached seat bottom – Prevents your infant from sliding onto the floor. Two holes help to fix infant’s body and legs regular but also make them feel easy. No protruding embellishments make them safe to play with.
Babies Premium Quality Seating Soft Sofa Chair for 3 to 48 Months.
Materials : Plush
Attractive : Cartoon on the front will engage your baby also keep safe
Washable : Machine or hand wash both