ScentRose Wooden Spinning Tops lattoo / bambaram / buguri / bongaram with String- Multi Color

The bambaram or lattu is the traditional Indian flick top. Spinning the top on the metal nail is a wonderful skill – a skill that is dying out. Play just like the old days, teach your child to spin the Wooden Top by Winding the thread and releasing it with the flick of the wrist. It is an art in itself. Once you are a master at flicking the Top then you can advance on to various more tricks.Wooden spinning tops are a great toy to encourage kids to play outside!
How to play: This is a wooden top that players fling onto the ground and spin by pulling a string wound around the toy. It is common for players to fling their tops together to watch them “fight”.
How it works: The top spins rapidly with the aid of a string rope coiled around its axis which when pulled quickly, sets it in motion, the colours, shapes and designs blend together as the top spins. You can spin it and do several tricks with it.
Hours of fun for Kids and helps to develop self discovery, hand eye coordination, logic building and learning.
Sharp point metal nail. Adult supervision may be required.