SHINETOY™ Fishing Fish-Catching Game with 26 Piece Fishes, 2 Rotary Ponds and 4 Pods with Music and Light Function (Multicolour)

Fishpond dimensions: 9.8 x 9.8 x 3.6; Package dimensions: 10 x 10 x 3.8 inches This is a good thing to cultivate your kids’ endurance and eyesight! It can also be played by adults with kids. It is a good toy that is fun and promotes parent-kid relationship! A variety of marine fish with iron on the mouth, the magnet hanging on the fishing rod can be caught at the fish mouth! Let the kids experience the fun of fishing. At the same time, you can also train your kid’s hand-eye coordination and hand control. Fishing games need to accurately grasp the timing, aim the fishing rod at the the mouth of the small fish, improve the coordination of the kid’s eyes and hands and fine hand movements, while cultivating the kid’s patience and attention, fishing success can also enhance the kid’s self-confidence heart. Fine movements, training kids’ hand-eye coordination, laying the foundation for writing, painting, labor skills and skills development. Spatial intelligence. Cultivate kids’ cognitive colors, lines, shapes, and spaces, and present and express them in the brain. Cognitive ability to enhance cognitive ability in terms of numbers, shapes, colors, time concepts, etc. EQ training, develop kids’ ability to express and control emotions and handle interpersonal abilities, independence, and adaptability.
◆Exercise children’s skills: This fishing disc will rotate 360 degrees, the fish will jump up and down happily, children need to concentrate on catching fish, in the process of children’s games, not only can exercise the child’s hand-eye coordination ability, but also exercise The child’s patience and accompanying the child to have a fun time to play.
◆Material safety: This fishing toy is made of safe and high quality plastic. The whole fishing plate has no sharp edges. It has no effect on children. You can rest assured that children can play. We recommend this fishing toy to over 3 years old. Children play, or let parents play with them.
◆Suitable for multiple player games: Our fishing toy is equipped with four fishing rods for 1-4 people. Children can play each other and increase their friendly relationship. You can also play parent-child games with your children. It will promote the intimate relationship between you and your child, and you can also exercise your child’s hands-on ability.
◆Detailed packaging: This fishing toy has a fishing plate, four fishing rods, and 26 fish. It is very convenient to carry. At the same time, the fishing disk needs to install 3 1.5V batteries (Note: we have no distribute the battery, you need to buy it yourself)