Skylofts Set of 25 Printed LED Balloons for Party Balloons for Birthday Balloons for Decoration Party Props

The LED balloons are perfect for party supplies, party decorations, birthday, wedding, anniversary, halloween, pool party, dance party, kids party, party, xmas party, any event you can think! Skylofts 12 Inch 25pcs led balloons are excellent beautiful party supplies and decorations for multiple occasions and people in different ages.
Simply inflate the balloon like any other balloon. Assorted colors. Ordinary balloon bouquets become radiant plumes for weddings and outdoor events. The balloon lights fit in the neck of inflated balloons, anchored by a heavy elastic ring
LED light lasts for up to 8 to 12 hrs. Maximum inflation of 12 inches/ 30 cm. Important : if the LED does not light up after pulling out the paper clip , please shake the balloon a little
Vivid and stunning enough to match your occasion regardless of your House Party, Birthday, Anniversary, Dance Club, or any other event.