Sparklebox 6 In 1 DIY Art and Craft Fun Learning Educational Kit & Book for Kids (Grade 5) | Volume 1 | Age 10 Years and Above|Perfect Art and Craft Learning Activities | Drawing, Paining, Music and Theatre |Includes Paper Crafts, Child-Safe Scissor and Glue | Gift for Boys & Girls

The Sparklebox ‘Visual art and craft book’ is a fun and interesting learning activity book for children of age 6 and above. The Art and craft kit for Kids book contains 17 fun and engaging activities. The ‘Art and Craft Book’ is a comprehensive guide with an approach towards holistic development and helps the child to have the clarity of the learnings at the end of the chapter. This beautifully illustrated series helps to get higher engagement, interest and involvement in learning along with collaboration support. Develop practice and improving conceptual understanding and also understand the connection between different aspects of learning. The art and craft materials kit QR codes to learn the concepts in Video and making the concepts clear .The curriculum designed for the series which incorporates creative teaching and learning technique and follows a gradual, age-appropriate progression. Techniques like Thematic learning, Concept learning, learning by Process, and Narrative help in cognitive, motor, language, and socio-emotional development. This approach requires students to observe, analyze, synthesize, create, and evaluate. art and craft activities for kids also draws on a variety of intelligence and provides students with experience in higher-order thinking, thus allowing complete understanding and freedom in learning. It helps students develop positive self–esteem, confidence, natural motivation, problem-solving, collaboration, empathy, and social tolerance. It helps students develop positive self–esteem, confidence, natural motivation, conflict resolution, collaboration, empathy, social tolerance, and influences the development of positive feelings of membership in a community.
High-Quality Toys: Designed by experts, all the products in this art learning kit are of great quality and 100% non-toxic to ensure the safety of kids.
Creative Craft Box: The complete art and craft kit include all the craft essential including craft papers, glue, finger crayons, brushes, etc.
Video Explanation: To make it easy for the kids to use this educational painting kit, there are QR codes given for each activity that will lead to explanatory videos.
Skills Development: The art activity kit helps in developing motor skills, cognitive skills, sensory integration, creativity, and imagination of the children.