SRJMH™ Automatic Digital Electronic 7 Colors Changing Transparent Sound Date Time LED Alarm Clock for Desk Home Office Bedroom.

♦ Trendegic 7 color transparent clock is made of plastic. ♦ This cool glow-in-the-dark color-changing alarm clock or mood lamp also displays a temperature thermometer display. ♦ The light function can be set to constantly on to gently lull you to sleep or as a backlight option when the unit is pressed. ♦ The light is not always glowing, but it goes back off for a while, and it lights up when you press any button. ♦ It is accompanied by the sound of nature, chicken, ducks, geese, cattle, birds, songs, flowing water, etc. ♦ With these several natural sound music’s playing, which makes you’re waking up beautiful. ♦ Dimension in LWH: 10 CM X 10 CM X 9 CM.
♦ It is ideal gift for children and adults.
♦ Normal time mode shows the time, date and can be achieved 12/24 hours of conversion.
♦ The backlight display provides time, date and temperature, while the translucent case lights with 7 different colors.
♦ It is powered by 3 x AAA batteries (not included).