Story book for kids: 365 Bedtime Stories

Bedtime will now be a time of magical fairies. Mischievous elves, wicked witches and talking animals! Enter a wondrous land of fantasy and fun with this amazing collection of 365 bedtime stories.

From the Publisher

365 bedtime365 bedtime

Sparks the imagination 365 Bedtime stories is a collection of various captivating and enticing stories for the children; that helps them dive deep into the realm of fantasy. Each story keeps the child engaged and stimulates his senses. It acts as a positive catalyst in igniting the imagination of a child.

365 Bedtime365 Bedtime

A valuable asset

These stories are a repository of wonderful vocabulary and also help in improving the basic grammatical skills. They are filled with intriguing illustrations to keep the children engrossed. It is a wonderful way to develop reading habit before getting immersed in the beauty sleep.

365 bedtime365 bedtime

Easy to comprehend

The stories are written in simple and straightforward language which makes them easy to comprehend. They are based on the themes of gratitude, compassion and kindness which the child is able to inculcate in his persona.

365 Bedtime365 Bedtime

Top-notch quality product

The fine paper as well as printing quality make the book an excellent addition in the collection and also serve the value for money.