Styleys Animal Finger Puppets – Set of 10

Cute style – This lovely and nicely handmade puppets has so life-like face that you can’t help hug it. Animal pattern design with bright color,easy to keep the baby’s attention.
Own zoo – Our 10 pcs finger puppets include 10 kind of animals: Mouse, Cow, Hippo, Bear, Rabbit, Duck, Panda, Dog, Frog and Elephant. Your baby can learn 10 different kinds of animals!Super cute animal finger puppets,include 10 kinds of animals,your baby has his own zoo!
Imagination – What can finger puppets do?Make a puppets show!What happen to the animal?How was they feel?Our lovely animal finger puppets can certainly bring more fun and imagination to your kids.
Education – Pretend as different animal and communicate with your little kid,training his oral communication ability and logical thinking ability.