Sunbaby Poo_time Baby Potty Training Seat for Kids/Toddler/Babies/Infant, Portable Travel Potty, Can Be Fixed On Adult Potty Seat for Training, Kids Toilet Seat, 12-36 Months Boys/Girls (Pink)

BEST POTTY TRAINING SEAT : It is made from strong durable Virgin PVC plastic . SUNBABY Potty Seat helps your toddler / Infant to progress from Baby Potty Trainer to using an Adult potty- toilet seat. The Potty Seat is Ergonomically Designed according to the shape of the baby’s Bottom so that your baby is comfortable when she / he sits on it
USAGE : The Adult potty seat for toilet needs to be lifted up, and the SUNBABY potty seat is kept on the Adult Potty and the Flap is put back in position. This Flap helps to Fix the Seats so that it does not move from its position , reduces the Gap-Hole thus securing the Child on the Adult Seat
PORTABLE TRAVEL POTTY SEAT: The Childrens Potty seat can be easily removed from the Adult Pot, washed cleaned dried and put in a Plastic bag to carry it to another place . The Children feel comfortable using their own Pot . Vibrant Colour attract the kids and make Potty Training a Fun Task for them without making excuses or running away
BENEFITS : Your baby learns to clean his system around a certain estimated time. This helps prevent Constipation & Urinary infections. Also , the Child learns to use the Adult Potty before entering the Playschool