Sunday impex combo of 3 Quick Turban Hair-Drying Absorbent Microfiber Towel/Dry Shower Caps/Bathrobe Hat/Magic Hair Wrap for Women (Multi Color) (Set of 3)

This Hair Towels are made of a super absorbent material woven from ultra fine microfibers with ultra wicking technology, which enables water to be drawn from hair and skin more quickly and thoroughly, 80% more absorbent than other towels. And it’s especially gentle on hair and skin. This has the best quality. It dries hair faster to save you time and cut down on hair-damaging blow drying. It’s also a perfect gift for women and girls. TRANSFORM YOUR HAIR This Quick Dry Hair Wrap will help you reclaim your beautiful, natural hair. From damage. From the daily grind. From the way your hair “should look” to its healthiest, strongest version. Problem Drying your hair can be time-consuming, especially when you’re in a hurry. And over-drying hair can cause it to lose its luster, forming brittle split ends or even breaking. Plus, every minute you use your blow dryer increases your utility bill. Solution After washing your hair, wrap it in the luxurious Hair Towel Wrap made of super-absorbent, ultra-soft In just ten minutes it absorbs almost 75% of the water, saving you time and money, with less blow drying to damage your hair.
It removes the need for excessive rubbing of the hair which can cause damage/breakage
It’s highly absorbent & removes excess water from the hair before air or blow-drying
The generously sized turban features an elasticised band for a secure fit with a loop closure