SuperBottoms Dry Feel Langot – Pack of 3-Organic Cotton Padded langot with Gentle Elastics & a SuperDryFeel Layer on top (Printed, Size 0)

Product Description

SuperBottoms Cloth DiaperSuperBottoms Cloth Diaper

dry feel langotdry feel langot

Dry Feel Langot

Ideal for diaper free time for babies below 1 year

Made by parents at Superbottoms who understand exactly how a Langot should be – buttery soft and safe. And Dry Feel!

Diaper free time is now mess-free as well!


3 layers of GOTS certified 100% organic cotton padding with 1 SuperDryFee layer on the inside and gentle elastics at back and thighs


Can the Dry Feel Langot be used for nap times?

Dry Feel Nappy cannot be used for nap times as it is not waterproof. For comfortable nap time diapering, try our SuperBottoms UNO that lasts for multiple pees and is waterproof, dry feel.

How many pees can the Dry Feel Langot hold?

SuperBottoms Dry Feel Langot can hold 1 pee only. It won’t create a mess around the baby during diaper free time though!


SuperDryFeel layer on top to keep the baby dry

100% organic cotton padding

Gentle elastic around the thigh and back to ensure mess-free snug fit

dry feel langot


SuperBottoms Dry Feel Langot

Regular Nappy

SuperDryFeel Layer


Organic Cotton Padding


Gentle Elastics


How to wear Dry Feel Langot

Dry Feel LangotDry Feel Langot

washing langotwashing langot

How to wash – step 1

Rinse off the pee under a force of water

washing langotwashing langot

How to wash – step 2

Add a little detergent OR put the dirty langot in the machine with a little detergent & run a short cycle (20-30 mins) to rinse off the pee.

No conditioners, Dettol, fabric softeners or detergent with fragrances

washing langotwashing langot

How to wash – step 3

Hand wash – soak for 30 mins & wash well by rubbing properly. Do not wring hard.

Machine wash – add your other clothes to the machine & run your longer regular wash cycle (45-60 mins).

Add detergent as recommended by detergent manufacturer.

washing langotwashing langot

How to wash – step 4

Hand wash – Rinse thoroughly till no detergent remains.

Machine wash – Spin dry in machine

Line dry under the sun

4 reasons to love SuperBottoms

zero compromise

zero compromise

India's No 1

India's No 1

made by parents

made by parents



Zero Compromise Baby Care

Listen, learn, innovate, improve! The baby’s delicate skin should always touch gentle fabrics & gentler products which are made with love & sustainable practices. Zero compromise baby care is our way of life + a commitment to make parenting & planet loving, easy & rewarding!

India’s no. 1

We’re a trusted baby care brand of 1sts, with over 2 lakh happy families in India. Won the KSP award for three consecutive years, & have been a consistent Amazon bestseller.

Made by Parents

Products made with utmost love and care for your baby. We’re a squad of like minded parents passionate about baby care, conscious parenting & planet loving.

Innovative Design

Experience, Research & Intuition brought out SuperDryFeel Technology, trimmest crotch, adjustable sizing, 100% GOTS Organic cotton & more.

3 Layers of cotton padding with 1 SuperDryFeel layer on the inside to keep the baby dry.
Gentle elastics at back and thighs to ensure a mess free snug fit.
Extremely skin friendly. Made by parents with only love and zero compromise.
India’s First Cloth Diapering Helpline: For any help, reach out to our Cloth Diaper Helpline at +91 74990 25345. Our helpline is managed by a team of mothers who are passionate about cloth diapers.