Techno Buzz Deal ® Dancing Duck with Music Flashing Lights and Real Dancing Action

Techno Buzz Deal Dancing Duck with Music Flashing Lights and Real Dancing Action
Very Cute toy with real dancing steps. Children can learn to dance along with the Toy Duck.
Its hands and head light up in flashing green, red, blue, and yellow.
A combination of walking legs and his moving parts allow this toy to move forward on any smooth surface


Turn on the switch, the head and the wings will light up, the duck will dance with the music.
Dynamic music and Flashing light will add more fun in the play, help to improve children’s good hearing and vision.
Enjoyable melodies and sound are corresponding with its flashing lights in this duck figure.


An interesting toy for boys and girls, lovely shape will let the children fondle admiringly.
The walking duck toy helps develop gross motor skills and engages large muscle groups as your baby excitedly crawls after it.
This dancing duck will enlighten children to see, hear, touch, observe and explore cognition.
Item type: musical dancing duck toy
Applicable age: 3+
Applicable gender: boys and girls
Model: duck
Material: plastic
Battery: 3* AA battery (not include)
Size: 14*19 cm
Packing: color box
Package weight: 300g
Package include: 1* musical dancing duck toy
Warranty from Techno Buzz Deal :

All Techno Buzz Deal Product Backed by 1 year Warranty (Physical Damages are not covered)

MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: This fashionable duck is enjoyable for children to play with all day long. Duck has a set of sweet melodies which helps to bring action to the toy. Sound design is coordinated with multi-color flashing lights that are visible in its arm and head.
DANCE MODE: Happy Duck dances on its own on any flat surface either indoor or outdoor. An attractive addition to this bee is his moving parts to it he sways from left to right. Kids will love to view him dancing.
MOTOR SKILLS: Young and older kids will all love this happy dancing duck toy. Little ones will have fun developing fine motor skills, and older kids will enjoy watching such an interactive toy inspiring features.
STRONG MATERIAL: Made from heavy-duty plastic, the toy has no small parts to it so that children can enjoy it. To operate toy you need to have 3 x AA batteries (Not Included).