TEMSON 2 in 1 Magnetic Wooden Puzzle Educational Learning Game Toy with Writing & Drawing Board for Kids

This toy includes a double sided board – Black/ green and white. The black side can be used to write or draw with chalk.The the white side can be used to complete puzzles with multiple pattern by using the colourful magnetic puzzle pieces and can also be used for writing words, numbers, drawing and colouring. Helps foster the children’s sense of colour, the ability to create rich imagination, improve the child’s IQ and IQ, increase interest in children’s learning so as to achieve correct learning and entertainment balance. Colourful magnetic puzzle pieces made of wood with smooth edges can be assembled on the green/white board or completed on your refrigerator let the children enjoy unlimited -creative play.

Good Magnetic Board Games: can be used over and over again, children can design different picture with the assorted magnetic pieces
An excellent tool for building an understanding of colour, shapes and patterns, a great toy for fine motor skill development