TEMSON Set of 5 Wooden Learning Puzzle Boards Learn Shapes Numbers Animals Fruits Vehicles Wooden Puzzles for Kids

Kids love assembling and arranging puzzle blocks into shapes and designs that they can identify and recognize. This product is a set of 5 Wooden puzzle board and consists fruits, shapes, animals, numbers & vehicles individual boards that kids can try to place in the matching slots in the board and solve the puzzle. They can develop concentration, patience and develop confidence in themselves when they have solved the puzzle. Made of safe wooden material and colours, it is ideal to give it to 2+ years.
Each of the 5 colorful boards are wooden & have a different learning theme
Pieces can be lifted out of its cavity & can only be placed back in its own cavity
Cute Cartoon illustrations will keep kids interested and help them remember
Names with small picture hints on the board to help young ones enjoy & build confidence