The Amazon’s Toy (2-BOOK bundle!): A giant fitness Spartan warrior makes her two muscular lesbians melt and scream their hearts out! | Gushing female bodybuilders … (Wives of the Super Soldier BUNDLE 4)

A 300-pound muscle brunette destroys her two equally massive lovers!

After four hours of intensive ****ing, it’s time for her grand finale! Doctor Olivia Yollanda is the strongest, manliest, most ripped and powerful woman in the world, with sexual stamina comparable to ten virile studs, and she’s going to show her two partners just how ravenous she truly is.

Dotted with a 13-inch toy —complete with two giant spheres able to produce ounces of seed—, this muscular woman-stud will take on the role of an Alpha male and absolutely **** her partners senseless, giving them about thirty multiple climaxes each and making them ****** literal gallons of female nectar!

It’s literally a bed-breaking, wall-wrecking performance! This is a book about super-human feats of raw, absurd sexuality —the kind of physics-defying sex that (sadly) doesn’t exist in real life.

Be ready for the ride of your life!

====================== This 2-BOOK bundle includes: ======================

★ 13 Inches of Muscle Amazon

★ Muscle Amazon Threesome