The Shopoholic Analogue Girl’s Watch ( Multicolored Dial & Strap )

The sportive pink watch is available with 11 different colour belts.Because of the plastic/silicone watch strap this watch will fit super comfortable around your wrist! Which one is your favourite color? With outdoor activities you can clear your head. No homework and school. These cost you already so much time. If you ask a child what he wants to become, you often get the answer ‘pilot’. The watches in the Pilot collection make you feel like a ‘real’ pilot. A watch with different functions and a sturdy appearance. Reading the time will be easy because of the big numbers on the dial and the prominent watch hands. The little flower decoration matches well with the watch strap. Enjoy your watch and have fun!

Dial Shape: Round
Strap Color: Assorted; Strap Material: Plastic
Watch Movement Type: Quartz
Model Number: 11 Belt