The Sky Baby Musical and Laughing Doll Plastic Stuffed Soft Plush Toy with Touch Sensors for Boys & Girls (46_ Musical Laughing Toy)

Stimulate baby’s growth: the best fun your baby can have is through learning and growing. Huggable and loveable for someone special Cute Baby Laughing with sound Ideal for boys and girls Gift this soft, smooth and cuddly Musical Toy Doll to your loved one. The baby will laugh on press and kids will imitate the toy and laugh along.
Soft & cuddly body encourages holding and special care, so a child can develop social skills while engaging in pretend playtime fun!
Press Button : There is hidden press button on doll front you just need to press the button then doll will start laughing and you don’t need to press any button again to off the doll just wait for 20 – 25 sec it will automatic switch off.
Recommended Age : 1 – 10 years old kids can easily play with this laughing doll girls & boys can use this doll. Easy to use
Gift this soft, smooth and cuddly teddy as a great gift to your loved one.