thenkumari wood eco friendly wooden kids toy kitchen set (Multi color) / choppu jaman and kids chakla belan combo

Choppu jaman is a traditional roll play toys for kids.all the 30 wooden utencils are made up of fine wood with polished edges and painted with harmless natural colours. With these wooden toys, the environment of your child will be pleasant and eco-friendly. By giving these wooden toys you are not only helping your child to improve both physical skills and mental ability, also contributing to the environment by avoiding plastic usage.helps the kids to improve the colour identification, shapes and objects. Helps the kids to roll play like their mother.
Ideal gift / gift for kid’s birthdays. Recommended age: 3 years and above
Material: Wood, colour: Multicolour, item size: Different sizes
Handmade wooden carving with smooth finishing.100% eco-friendly and reusable
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