Tilak Venture Magnetic Chess Board Set with Folding Board, Travel Chess Set, Brain Development Educational Toys for Kids and Adults (10 Inch)

Due to the magnetism, all the pieces could be stay in place even if the board is bumped or if you have to pick the board up and move it. Never worry the pieces may missing. The chess set Made of durable HIPS plastic with Fine texture, gives you smooth hand-feel while lightweight and portable; well-crafted chess pieces make it much more deluxe. The board can be folded to a small storage box and to be put into the backpack and take anywhere, travel, way to school, outdoor picnic and so on. This chess set is suitable for both adult and child. Get one and play with your child after work or at weekend at home, relieve stress and enjoy the happy chess time together. The chess set is compact and lightweight, easy-carrying and perfect for travel. Play the chess game with your partner or even a stranger on the train to make your journey full of fun.
The chess board every individual pieces have a light magnetic attraction to the 64-square playing field; light magnetism would make it stable to play while not hard to move the piece.
The magnetic chess set Foldable design – chess pieces can be put into the chessboard for easy storage. Novel style – suitable for home, company, school, journey, bus or picnic. All ages are available.
Take the chess set outdoor at weekend, either for a picnic or rest in the park. Play the chess game with your family or friend, enjoy a quiet and happy weekend.
It is a perfect set for both children and adults. This set includes everything you need for a nice and fun chess experience.