Toy Island Kids Archery Bow Arrow Toy Set with Targets, Suction Cup Arrows, Toy for Boys Girls Indoor and Outdoor Garden Fun Game Target Games for Kids Archery Set Boys.

Toy Island Bow and Arrow Kit for Kids with 45 cm Long Suction Cup Arrows and Target Board Cut Out. This Skill Developing Kit includes 3 Suction Cup Arrows, Arrow Holder, 1 Bow, Target Board Cut Out. This High Quality Archery Kit is a Perfect Gift Toy for your Little Enthusiastic Kid. Gift this Kit to your kid and encourage their interest in Archery Sport. It helps in Focusing, Concentration Building and Aiming Skills. The Bow has Comfortable Grip for children to play better while learning as well.
Helps kids develop their hand and eye coordination and motor skills Best Birthday Gift For Kid
Challenging :- Have Fun games with your friends and challenge them to hit the bulls eye. Improves Skills :- Increase your concentration and fine motor skills. Good for Outdoor Use and for Picnics. Colorful Weapon Toy. Real Action Shooting Set.
Content :- Pack Contains One Bow and 3 Arrows Exercise For Eyes :- Good Exercise for the Eyes & Also Helps to Improve Concentration in your Kids. Sport :- Practice Archery as a Sport with the target board provided.