ToyDor Non Toxic BPA-Free Plastic Doll Kitchen Set for Kids (Medium Size, Height 30 cm, Width 21 cm) – Multicolor

Just perfect for 3+ Kids: This train set for kids is perfect as a gift for child aged 3 to 6 years. The colours are bright hence appeal to children very much. Kids would love to play this train block game for hours. This block game helps kids to reduce their screen time immensely. Your kid would keep constructing the animal train everyday and you would see no more dull and boring days for your little one.
Great for Eye-hand coordination | Encourages building skills and role-play | Develops fine motor skills and cognitive skills – this toy can be used to introduce and develop early language Pretend Toys For Girls
Inspires creativity and imagination – This Kitchen set is highly constructive and involves exploration Role Play Toys For Kids Girls Boys
Recommended for both boy and girl kids between 3 to 6 years of age, Limit screen time of kids immensely, as kids would surely enjoy playing with the Kitchen set Under reasonable price
Kitchen set game to help kids assemble different models Toy