TOYFOREVER 2020 Teddy Bear Panda Soft Toy (2 Feet, Baby Pink)

Big, dark and handsome, teddy bear, cuddles. This huge 3 foot teddy bear makes the perfect teddy gift for any occasion. There’s plenty of this oversized teddy bear to love and obsess over. This rich teddy makes the cutest teddy bear cuddle buddy for just about any ‘body’. Its pillowy soft body is perfect for big hugs and cuddling. Made with premium quality polyester materials, you’ll be happy you choose this as an i love you teddy bear gift for your loved one. Measures 91 cm from his big bear head all the way to the bottom of his beary big paws. This huge plush bear will make an extra special valentine day teddy bear gift, with the richest plush brown fur, and the cutest velvety soft teddy bear nose. A classic teddy bear, send him on the next teddy bear express delivery and just sit back as the hugs roll in. The accessories and props pictured alongside this item are not included, they are for size and proportion comparison only.

Gift this soft, smooth and cuddly teddy as a great gift to your loved one and great for all kids (and adults) who love to hold, hug, cuddle and treasure
Made out of non-toxic polyester and fur fabrics of good quality, excellent poly-staple and conjugate filling fiber used has good resiliency making it most appropriate for machine or hand wash
Super soft plush materials for huggable loveable joy and keeps kids playful for long hours
A smile goes a long way with this warm and inviting teddy bear and product may slightly vary from the shown image