toymania musical dancing robot toy for kids. | 360 degree spin. | colorful 3d flashing lights effects and music.- Multi color

Toymania presents the exciting Musical Dancing Robot Toy for kids. This Dancing robot toy comes with beautiful colorful 3D flashing lights and music. This dancing robot toy plays very sweet music and dance on the songs by moving legs and hands in the air. It also makes a wonderful light show with beautiful and colorful flashing lights effect. Which can help to increase the kids interest. This toy improves brain development of children, enhance learning and increasing hand and eye coordination. This dancing robot is suitable for kids above the age of 3+ years. This dancing robot toy comes with a various range of different motions. This dancing robot toy can do a full 360 degree spin, step to the side and lift up its legs and arms for many different dance routines. This fun electronic toy does not only dance, it play great music and has flashing lights too. The robot will dance to the beat and make a light show with the beautiful and colorful flashing lights. This is battery operated dancing robot toy. Use 3 AA batteries. (Not included). The robot can dance for hours and help to give your kids the time of their life.
It dances on the songs by moving its legs and hands in the air and this is very attractive dancing robot toy for your little ones.
Great gift for festival season, a great gift for kids’ birthday, children’s day, Christmas, new year, holiday celebrating. It is very helpful to grow up your infant’s mind.
Develops visual-special skills and hand eye coordination.
The dancing robot is looking both funny and smart. Best toy dancing robot for kids. | Made from good quality of plastic material.