Toys N Smile Colorful and Attractive Funny Cottage Educational Toy, Activity Learning House – Birthday Gift for Kid

This toy comes equipped with various functions to increase a child’s learning ability but as well as their sensory motor interactions. The house comes with a small keyboard that plays different key tones when pressed, but with the switch of a button, the mode changes to play songs. Therefore, when one of the 8 keys is pressed down, a different tune will be played that a child can enjoy. On top of the keyboard, there is a row of beads of different colors that can be used to learn to count and learn colors as well. When the house is rotated there is a picture of a dog holding a key that open ups the door to the house! The toy also comes with various shape block holes that teach a child to learn the different shapes and different animals from a farm and their corresponding sound. With the various sounds, the chimney that lights up when a top makes anise, and the multitude of activities, this toy has the capability of providing endless amounts of fun. The different games can help stimulate your child’s imagination The electronic organ, music, and flashing light can bring a lot of fun and excitement Can help your child learn the different sounds of animals and different geometrical shapes Includes five geometrical figures and cube blocks that can be inserted into the house Includes animal shaped cubes that can be inserted into the corresponding animal holes in the house, and the animals will make a sound

This Musical Learning house toy for toddlers includes a massive 22 different sound effects which are all linked to the different activities on the house. 6 Animal sounds, 8 electronic sounds, 8 songs.
This educational toy for boys and girls (Toddlers) includes 9 different activities to keep children entertains, these include: A working piano, bead calculating game, slots for sorting different shapes, animals and colours
Develops fine motor skills, stimulates imagination, Recognizing shapes & colors, It Make Your Little One Playtime Educational Yet Fun A toy of Learning and Fun. It is attractive, colorful and easy to carry. Ideal for Baby birthday gifting for 1 Year, 2 Year or 3 Year Kids.
Durability & Portability : Made from high quality ABS plastic. Comes with 5 handles to move the activity centre to anywhere.