Toyshine Hen Shaped Wooden Pounding Ball Bench Toy, 4 Balls, 1 Hammer Toy for Kids

Product Description

Toyshine Sunshine
Toyshine Sunshine

Toyshine Sunshine
Toyshine Sunshine

Toyshine Sunshine
Toyshine Sunshine

When the balls have been hammered in all the way they roll back out, ready to start the fun all over again.

Hen Shaped Wooden Pounding Ball Bench Toy helps your Toddler to recognise different colours and match them with well made attractive and colourful balls and enhances wrist strength.


Beat the multi-colored wooden balls with a hammer to exercise the baby’s hand-eye coordination ability, strengthen the arm muscles.
The lightweight wooden mallet and easy-to-grip round balls are perfectly sized for young children who love to hit and build.

When kids are addicted to the fun of hitting wooden balls, they also exercise little hands grasping ability as well as hand-eye coordination, which will promote muscle development.
Your baby can play with friends or parents. In communication and interaction, you will get double the joy of hitting this wooden balls bench and unleashing your child’s extra energy.
Let your little ones be more active than just hanging out in front of the TV, computer, or phone. It is a competitive game that you can play with your siblings, friends, and you.

Toyshine Sunshine
Toyshine Sunshine


The baby’s touch is highly developed, and all parts of the body are stimulated to respond, especially the palms of the hands and the toes. Hitting colored balls can exercise children’s tactile development.
Your baby can play with friends or parents. In communication , by tapping on this wooden bench your child will get double joy and release the child’s extra energy.
It is very suitable for children aged 1-3. Give it to children as Christmas or birthday gifts.
Help children focus on what they do and get rid of phone or computer game.

Toyshine Sunshine
Toyshine Sunshine


The round edge design is repeatedly polished after multiple processes to reject burrs and protect the baby’s small hands.
Made of high-quality wood, non-toxic water-based paint, stable and safe. Polished through a multi-layer process to ensure rounded corners and no burrs. Little enlightenment toys will provide your baby with a happy and safe game experience.
The baby can play together with parents and friends. Kids will get joy in hitting the balls with the mallet and seeing one on the opposite side pop up playing.

HEN SHAPED DESIGN: The hen shaped cute design of this colorful bench pounding box also brings much more joy to your baby. This Wooden pounding boxes can be given as a gift to your child on any occasion.
HELPS IN SKILL DEVELOPMENT: Hammer Ball game helps your Toddler to recognize different colors. Helps develop gross & fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and concentration.
A GREAT GIFT: It is an Ideal gift toy for children over 3 years old. This pounding game can be given as a gift to child on any occasion i.e. Diwali, birthday, and New Year.
SAFE WOODEN TOY: This wooden pounding bench is made of high-quality natural solid wood and coated with environmentally friendly water-based paint. It is completely non-toxic and safe for children to play without risk of damage as all edges have been made smooth without rough surfaces.