Trinkets & More – Mikado | Wooden 31 Pick-Up Sticks | Best Return Gift | Fun Family Indoor Board Game for Adults and Kids 5+ Years (Pack of 1)

Product Description

About Trinkets & More

We at Trinkets & More understand the importance of parenting and various facets of it that influence your little ones’ development. All our open ended toys follow the values “Education, Entertain and Engage”. With your child safety at heart, all our toys use natural materials and odour & lead-free water colors.

Become a Mikado Aficionado

A traditional game of patience and skill for all ages.


Package Includes:

31 Wooden Pick-Up Sticks
1 Instruction Manual

Mikado Spiel

Mikado is a game of patience and skill that requires players to remove sticks from a pile without causing a disturbance to the other sticks. Similar to Jenga/Tumbling Tower, Mikado rewards players for taking risks by attempting to acquire sticks with higher point values, including the Mikado stick, which is worth the highest number of points. With a reason it is the most loved corporate gift for workshops and team building activities.

Instructions Inside

A detailed instruction booklet explains how to use the black stick and the meanings of the other important marking. The manual also guides on the other methods used to win points.

Intended for all ages

This game can be enjoyed by people of all ages. All you need is a steady hand, patience and skill to master this traditional game.

Explorative Play Concept

The idea of explorative play concept in which this product is built on can sharpen critical and balanced thinking. A fun and intellectual game for all and one.

Storage Case

This set features 31 handcrafted wooden sticks and stores in a sturdy heirloom quality wood box with a sliding lid. The quality wooden sticks are durable and can withstand everyday play.

How to Play

Just place the colourful wooden sticks on any large, flat surface randomly and try to pick up a stick without moving any of the other sticks in the pile. If you move any other besides you intend to pick, your turn is over.

Many Game Modes

There are other variations in rules that can be explored when playing the game. The scoring can also be tweaked as you like.

Encourages critical thinking and develops balance. Who has the steadiest hand? Find out with this pick-up sticks set
Classic game, nostalgic game, intellectual game, fun family game
Could be a joyful game, could be a chic small decoration
Natural bamboo pick-up sticks and solid-wood box, exceptional quality and value