Truvendor Enterprises Wooden Calculation Shelf | Abacus Counting Addition Subtraction | Maths Learning Early Educational Kit Toy for Kids

We at Truvendor Enterprises understand the importance of parenting and various facets of it that influence your little ones’ development. All our toys follow the values “Education, Entertain and Engage”. With your child safety at heart, all our toys use natural materials and odour & lead-free water colors. Fun Little Math Toy Easy to learn abacus math toy for your special ones. Math can be real fun to teach and learn. Time to find it out! Calculation Shelf Abacus Wooden abacus with colourful pieces will encourage thoughtful learning of patterns, colours and counting. Children have a great imagination, so the abacus wooden beads can turn into animals that they have to count in the zoo or building machines that they have to add to the construction site. Content Package Includes:55 colourful beads in 10 colours 1 interchangeable double-sided wooden board Math Simplified Abacus is known to have been in existence since the early Mesopotamian civilization. The easy numbering and efficient design allows learning simple math concepts. Addition, Subtractions, Counting can be mastered so easily all the while having fun. Intuitive Montessori Design Child friendly design based on Montessori principles paves way for easy understanding of the working of the toy. One of sides of the board depicts addition while the other focuses on subtraction. Thereby, giving a broader view of both the concepts to the child simultaneously. Open Ended Play Built on the concept of explorative play this amazing toy can sharpen math skills, motor skills, colour & pattern recognition and hand-eye coordination in your toddlers. The matching colours and number labelled boards facilitate the overall learning experience. Carry anywhere This learning toy can be used almost anywhere. This allows children to learn through their natural life experiences and surroundings making learning so much fun. Bright Patterns and Colouring Bright colours and intuitive structures for growing young minds
The best way to teach the basics of arithmetic to little ones is by letting them play with Abacus (1-10). It’s an amazing game to keep the little ones engaged and entertained while educating them!!
The colourful smooth edged beads are great way to stimulate learning through open-ended play
Made of natural wood, child-safe and non-toxic colours. Complies to the highest safety requirements of ASTM (American) and EN 71 (European) Certifications