TUMTUM Colorful Lovely Attractive Rattles Light Music Baby Fun Ball, with Non-Toxic – Baby Ball for Babies, Toddlers, Infants Toys for Children Baby Boys and Girls. (ABS Baby Ball) (Light Music Ball)

Playing with fun,Rattle ball. .Little children can start with attractive toys featuring bright lights, funny sounds and fun music. .This Rattle ball can quickly draw the attention of children. Children will love to play with this fun rolling ball and they will be interested for hours together. Colorful Lights and Music. The Rattle Ball Will Play Music, Sound Effects And Make Colorful Light Flashing When The Button is Pushed. The interactive Learning Ball Helps Your Baby To Recognize Different Colors, And Sounds. Made of Non-Toxic Material. This Rattle Ball is Made Up Of Non-Toxic ABS Plastic Which is BPA Free. It is Also PVC, Latex And Naphthalene Free. It is Highly Flexible And Very Durable. Child Friendly Design. The Easy-To-Grasp Rattle Ball Allows Kids To Lace Fingers And Hold it With Their Hands. There is Also a Colorful Rattle Ball inside For Soothing Sounds And Visual Stimulation. This is a Fun Learning Rattle Ball. Keeps Your Baby Involved. This Engaging Toy Encourages Babies To Crawl Walk, Run, And Play. It is Multi Functional And Can Be Used As a Ringing Bell, Teether, Creeping Ball, Catch Ball, And a Ball For Kicking.
&Develops Shape Recognition, Hand Eye Coordination, Tactile Training, Hearing And Colors Recognition
&Easy For Little Fingers To Bend And Squeeze, it Has The Recognizable Baby Einstein Caterpillar On The Center Band And Colorful Rolling Rattle Ball inside For Additional Sounds And Visual Stimulation
&A Good Item To Attract Toddler’s Attention And Develop Toddler Hand-Eye Coordination, Grasping, And Crawling Abilities
&Develops Grasping Abilities Baby Can Hold The stick Easily And Play Around Good Gift For New Born Babies