UKG Kids (4-6 Years) All-in-One 656 Pages ACE Early Learning Worksheets & Writing Practice in English, Mathematics, Hindi, General Knowledge / EVS (KG 2) 8 Books Paperbacks Bundle from 3H Learning

Looking for Worksheets for your UKG Kids? 3H Learning’s all-in-One Combo (7 books) will be your best investment! 3H Learning is promoted by Professionals with 25 yrs experience in developing & supplying excellent educational content to over 3000 Schools & training tens of thousands of teachers across the country.

ACE Worksheets (4 books / 304 pages / 4-6 Yr Kids):

  • International Standard Activity Worksheets: 4 books for UKG ( English, Mathematics, Hindi & General Knowledge/EVS)
  • objective: Reinforce all basic skills & topics meant for pre-School students and match those to the kid’s activities that are geared to the specific grade level in their School curriculum. Parents can see how far their child has understood the class-room concepts.
  • Goldmine of Content & Activities: Interactive Worksheets for kids, worksheets for nursery, worksheets for preschool with lively layout and easy to follow explanations holds any child’s attention makes education simple, fun and enjoyable; Helps your child to know, learn, understand, adjust to enter the new eco-system with confidence and steal a march over their peers.
  • Finishing each topic with appealing activities with colorful illustrations enhances your child’s imagination and creative thinking. It makes them enter the next stage of school with enthusiasm & intelligence.
  • 1.60 lac happy mothers in 6 yrs have productively engaged their child.

PractiZ – fun@home (3 books / 244 pgs / 4-6 Yr Kids)

  • 3 books for UKG (English, Mathematics & Hindi)
  • 1 sheet-a-day for writing practice for the entire year.
  • Practice items are simple to start-with & become gradually harder.
  • Standardized Content: Ready to use graded content for the year provided in a colorful form. No need to write in each of the pages.
  • Customization: Occasional blank pages help children to practice more of those items that they find difficulty in.

Worksheets for Preschool.