Vachanamrutam Innovation Multi-Color 5 MM 8 Colors Balls for Kids Degree Round Magnetic Stainless Steel Solid Balls for Kids Toy or Home Office Decoration Stress Relief 216 Pcs (Multicolor)

AARVI ENTERPRISE magnet balls magnetic balls magnetic balls for kids magnet ball
magnetic balls for kids are 100% Non-Toxic Material: Magic toys are made with premium quality metal Durable, light weight, Non-oxidative. With magic properties, can be arbitrarily combined with the ever-changing geometric patterns, entertainment, creativity .
magnet ball are Collection of fresh, creative, inspiration, strange, intellectual, interesting, decompression in one. A product that can be constructed and engineer limitless shapes and structures. Can be shaped as necklaces, bracelets, or any type of jewelry.
magnetic ball toys can be used Creative and Decorative, Crafts and School. Portable for travelling and having fun with friends. Who will be able to create the most difficult structure.
ball magnets Enhanced assembly capabilities. magnatic. ball set Improve people’s intelligence and imagination. Assemble into a variety of shapes to meet your imagination, while stimulating and exercise your left and right brain hemispheres!