VEZOL Brings Jumbo Big Size Automobile Construction Engineering Toy Vehicle Dumper Truck for Kids.

VEZOL TOYS :- Presents Dumper are made of fully non toxic materials, 100 percent safe for kids High quality material for a never ending fun and learning Improves hand eye coordination, muscular development, distinguishing and identification abilities, memory building, balancing, sensory perception and coordinative skills With imagination and creativity your little kid can create playful animations and have enjoyable moments These toys can also be added for gifts or given as prizes in birthdays
❤➤… The loader arm can have vertical movements. The bucket and the hinged boom on rear can move, with the boom being free to operate throughout the breadth like the real vehicle.
❤➤… Memory building, Balancing, Sensory Perception and Co-Ordinative Skills
❤➤… This product is a part of an extensive range of construction vehicles, manufactured with high quality plastic and packaging. This product facilitates in the development of the child’s motor skill and hand-eye coordination. Suitable for 18 months and over.
❤➤… Let your childs imagination run wild with the the JCB dump truck. Great for playing indoors and also outdoors too. Providing hours of rugged imaginative fun for JCB Juniors whether on site or on sand!