VNC Floating Soccer Ball for Toddlers & Kids with Flashing Colored LED Lights for Smooth Surfaces New Football Toy for Indoor, Battery Operated Air Hovering Disk for Girls & Boys

EASY TO USE – Simply Turn on the Powerful & Quiet Air Fan and Kick the Air Powered Floating Ball Softly & it will Glide Amazingly on the Floor
FLASHING LIGHTS – VNC Hover Soccer Disk has Different Colored Flashing LED Lights Which Make its Motion More Magical
PERFECT FOR WINTER AND SUMMER – Battery Operated (4 AA) Floating ball can be a Great Indoor Game for Winter times, When it is too Cold Outdoors (Outside) and Indoors is Needed. Cool Sports Games
SAFE & POWERFUL – Unlike some other Hover Disks, the VNC -ABS Plastic Material has been Tested by International Safely Standards