WAH NOTION® Unique ABCD Angry Bird Laptop for Kids Age 2-5 Years 3+ Learning Laptop Polly Pocket 2021

WAH NOTION Unique ABCD Angry Bird Laptop For Kids Age 2-5 Years 3+ Learning Laptop Polly Pocket 2021. Learning laptop is suitable for children ages 2 -5. Enables your children to learn the alphabet, words, spelling, and numbers. Learning need not be boring. lovely English learner laptop that will help to make your kid’s learning sessions full of fun and excitement. This learner’s laptop is designed for preschoolers aged 3 to 8 years. It features a colorful frame, made of durable high-grade non-toxic plastic, to hold your kid’s attention for longer durations. The toy is designed to teach English as a foreign language. It uses Indian voices and dialects to speak English. The relatively slow sounds make it easy for children to learn their letters, numbers, and words. Enhances comprehension, reading, and mathematical skills. This amazing laptop-shaped toy is preset with a wide range of cool features that will boost your kids’ comprehension, reading, and mathematical skills, as well as make their playtime educational and fun Includes fun interactive. Educational games to quiz your children. Spell mode – teaches the pronunciation, asking mode – interact by asking questions, music mode play songs it’s a mini e school gift. Why Choose WAH NOTION:- Because We Strictly Inspection For Every Unique Trending Product Before Packing And Shipping To Ensure Its New Condition. We Are Always Liable For Fine Quality, Stylish Designs & Best Service. We Never Compromise With These Promises. Give Your Children A Happy Childhood.
Includes fun interactive educational games to quiz your children.
Operates in 5 modes gift,Letter mode – identification of letters,Word mode- teach the words.
Tested according to international standard.Special design for your children.It has more than 2 hours and 250 kinds of intelligent learning contents.
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