Webby India Map Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle, 40Pcs

The Webby India map wooden jigsaw puzzle has 40 unique pieces. Treat your kids with this wooden puzzle completely free from hamrful plastics. There is an exquisite wooden tray to make the puzzle on. The curvy shape of the puzzle draws the attention of the kids towards it.

The puzzle comes packed in an exquisite wooden tray to hold together all the puzzle pieces
Ideal for children between ages 3 to 6, Webby India Map Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle provides a rich and live experience to the kids reducing screen time
The puzzles help increase concentration, develop shape recognition, improve hand eye coordination and problem solving skills
Proudly Made in India
Note – Takeout the complete wooden puzzle out from its frame then reasseble it. Some dark lines can bee seen on this puzzle due to fine laser cut.