Wishmaster Baby Rattle Toys and Baby Ball, Soft Rubber Fitness Balls for Little Boys and Girls, a Soft-Touch Shell and Inner Chime Ball, Suitable for Infants, Babies, and Children Over 3 Months Old .and Return Gift | Christmas Gift |New Year Gift for 1 year old Baby (Funny Shake Bell Rattle, 2 Combo)

Rattle toys, soft shells suitable for children and internal Chime balls, are necessary toys for children’s growth. Listening training: Rattle Ball make fun sounds as parent or baby shakes this ball. Visual training: Bendy Ball with bright color and cute design draws baby’s attention. Touch training: Perfect for baby’s early grasping, throwing, rolling and catching exercises. Safe material: Soft and smooth to prevent baby from scratching faces or skins ,fun and easy for little fingers to bend, squeeze. Relieve pain: When babies are teething, they like to chew to relieve gum discomfort.
🪀[The PERFECT CHOICE FOR TEETHER ]- This charming baby teether ball will become the main choice for babies. Our rattles and molar balls are made of soft, chewable rubber, which can comfort your baby’s gums safely and gently.
🪀[Can MAKE A PLEASANT SOUND ]- Soft material, smooth edges, Built-in smiley ball, shaking will make a rustling sound, attracting baby’s attention.
🪀[SAFE PRODUCT] – Our toys are entirely BPA and PVC free, and colored using non-toxic dyes. The plastic is soft and pliable and won’t hurt baby.
🎶[AUDITORY STIMULATION]: 🦻Hearing is an important source of cognition and understanding of the world. babies are full of curiosity and start to learn to sway with the melody.【】Beautiful color and cute modeling attracts baby’s attention, promoting baby’s visual development. This hand held sweet music toy with surround sound effect cultivates baby’s auditory development. While playing music, the face light will flash and the bottom light w
🎶[COORDINATION]: The baby recognizes the world through toys and develops perception skills.at the same time , hand eye cooperation also exercise the development of their sense of space
🎶【Exquisite Workmanship】Good workmanship, it’s smooth and mellow, comfortable for baby to grasp. The ergonomic designed handle is smooth and comfortable to hold, exercising baby’s fingers’ flexibility and grasp ability.