WitBlox Robotics Kit for 101 Projects

Product Description

WitBlox is the perfect Robotics Learning Tool for children. It helps children learn Design, Hardware, Electronics and Programming.

WitBlox contains Lego like electronic blocks like Power, Lamp, Buzzer, Motors, Wheels, Distance sensor, Dark sensor, Invert and In/out Extension. You can connect these blocks to make any circuit logic for your Science /Robotics projects like Line Follower Robot, Automatic Dishwasher, Spirograph, Edge Detecting Robot,etc. & many more. No soldering or programming is required. Its easy to plug, connect and start building projects.

A creative DIY making guide is provided for making projects. You can also visit our YouTube Channel – WitBlox for all project tutorials


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Children have many crazy ideas. WitBlox helps them convert their ideas into real working projects

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Build Innovative Robots & Projects

WitBlox helps you design cool mechanisms & projects

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YouTube Video Tutorials

New project videos every weekend on our YouTube Channel

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WhatsApp Maker Community

Collaborate & Connect with like-minded makers on Maker Community

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Perfect Tool to bring Robotics & Electronics to everyone

Electronic circuit blocks which can be joined in different combinations to design different circuits and applications. The circuit design so simple that students, teachers and makers can explore it to learn fundamentals of Robotics & Electronics

Easy to build and a lot to learn

WitBlox helps you learn Hardware, Logic, Programming & Electronics with ease

No soldering or programming required!


WitBlox, Amit ModiWitBlox, Amit Modi

Amit Modi

Founder of WitBlox

Describe your products in three words.

Imagine, Build, Innovate

How did you come up with the idea for this product?

WitBlox was created to solve the problems makers faced while building science/ robotics projects with an aim to support them and provide the tools required for hands on innovation

What makes your product special?

WitBlox is much more than a product, it is a tool for empowering Invention & Innovation. It will help create next generation innovators and idea-makers and make them future ready. Additionally, WitBlox is completely designed & made in India (Mumbai).

What has been the best part of your experience?

With WitBlox, we have observed a change in the way young students learn. We have students using WitBlox from different parts of the country. The feedback from makers has been overwhelming and encouraging. It has helped us to keep innovating and design more kits to empower practical learning

Play with various sensors, light, sound, motors and and build awesome stuff
Most preferred educational kit for young innovators
No soldering or programming is required. Easy to plug and start building