YDV CRAFT Wooden Flag Puzzle 48 Pieces Made in India Hand Made Learning and Educational Toys Geography Jigsaw Game Busy Board

Challenge your child’s levels of intelligence and improve his or her cognitive functions with this puzzle set.YDV Craft Wooden World Flag Puzzle Board, 48 Countries (29 X 29 X 0.6 Cm).

:The bright colors will make learning much more exciting and fun whilst they develop their sensitivity to color and shapes. Develops childs eye and hand coordination and their fine motor skills. Develops children’s creativity, imagination, curiosity and improves their discovery skills. Children love puzzles! They’re fun, brain boosting, stimulating and they’ll learn whilst they’re playing! The wooden puzzles are perfect for kids 4 to 8+ years old. They are a great educational toy to help children with Brain Boosting and Skill Building.
:Help your child learn to identify the different flags from all across the world.

:Puzzles remains one of the best STEM options in the jigsaw category for young children who are beginning to fine tune both their motor and concentration skills
.Early Childhood Development.

:With the wide variety of puzzles Larsen has, children can learn about countries, flags, the alphabet, seasons of the year and animals. Puzzle play helps children develop physical, cognitive and emotional skills
.Unique Frame and Tray Design.

:All puzzles come in an organized, space saving frame and tray design. Each puzzle is cut so deep that you can see the shapes of the pieces in the tray below. This allows children to self-check and help with concentration
.Unique Cut Pieces.

:Puzzle pieces are cut extra thick at 2.55 mm. Many pieces are shaped like animals or other figures which helps promote cognitive develop and provides some extra fun for your child

ECO-FRIENDLY – Comes in a storage tray made out of recycled material. No box to remain environmentally friendly and provide easy storage
UNIQUE DESIGN – Each puzzle piece is cut in a unique shape to provide an extra level of self check and concentration
EDUCATIONAL – puzzles promote hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, problem solving and concentration
Early Childhood Development With the wide variety of puzzles YDV has, children can learn about countries, flags, the alphabet, seasons of the year.