Yogi MALL Hungry Frog Eating Beans Board Game Indoor/Outdoor

1.Amitasha Funny Toys Hungry Frog Eating Beans Games Family Party Parent-Child Interactive Game Toy for Children Adult 2.Strengthening your child’s visual perception, and motor coordination in a fun and enjoyable way. 3. A very good parent-child interactive educational toy, you can get close to the baby in the game, let you get in touch with your baby’s mind, come and interact with the parent-child. 4. Multi-player board game, suitable for family, party game. Hungry Frog Game Creative Feeding Fogies Little Frog Eat Beans Desktop Games Parent-Child Interaction Toys
Made From High Quality ABS Plastic Material, 100% Safe For Kids
Educational Fun Learning Color Balls Picker Game For Children Boys and Girls
For 2 or more players. It improves manual skills, reasoning and sociability. Recommended age 3 years and above These four hungry frogs want to munch a bunch of marbles,The faster you press their tails, the more marbles they try to chomp
Several game modes available, including chomp the most peas, be first to chomp a specific color pea, or assign different point values to different color peas; create new ways to challenge family and friends