YSRD ONLINE Balloon Launcher car Toy Set /Fun Educational Balloon Toys Gifts for Kids Boys and Girls (Multi-Color)

Color: Multicolor Material: Plastic Single Size: Air power launcher:L*H: 11.5*22.5cm(4.53*8.86in) Car toy: L*H: 8.5*5.5/6cm(3.35*2.17/2.36in) Package box: L*W*H: 16*16*19cm(6.30*6.30*7.48in) 1 x Air power launcher 12 x Balloons 2 x Mini car toys 1 x Crab car toy 2 x Connectors 1 x Package box
The principle of toys is related to aerodynamic knowledge, which is very suitable for children to learn some scientific and physical knowledge while playing racing. At the same time, when children chase the trolley, it can improve children’s athletic ability.
Balloon toy car launcher Simple steps to improve children’s hands-on ability while also being exposed to basic science. This balloon-powered toy is the perfect gift for children(New and old boxes in iteration, the same product quality, the box may be different)
With the different accessories (cars and launch tower), the toy has 2 play modes: car mode and launch tower mode. In car mode, it powers the car move forward on the ground; in launch mode, it sends the rocket or spaceman into the air.