zest 4 toyz Battery-Powered Electronic Classic Railway Train Sets Includes Locomotive Engine Gaseous Fuel Oil Tank Cargo Car and Round Tracks for 3 4 5 6 Year Old Kids Boys and Girls

Exciting new classic train track set- a toy to entertain your child. Improves children’s practical and planning ability. Battery operated train. Power on and let it go on its own. Vibrant colored and stylish in structure. This toy makes for a great addition to the collection of your kid. Promotes creativity and independent and cooperative play. Improves children’s practical and planning ability The game of chasing train can improve baby’s sense of direction and hand-leg flexibility.
Set the amazingly detailed locomotive engine, woods wagon, oil tank cart compartment on the tracks, switch it on and get ready to embark on a pleasant journey
Develops dexterity and problem solving skills By building locomotive tracks for the train to move freely
Best Gift & High Qualiyt all the edges of this toy are smooth, without any rough or sharp parts
This Railway Train is a good gift option for kids and also it helps to improve their imagination and creativity.